I’m a big Mark Wahlberg fan. So, when Contraband came out I had to go see it. There were a bunch of little problems I had with it, but overall it was a good movie.

In this movie Wahlberg plays Chris Farraday, an ex smuggler who gave up a life of crime to start a family. The problem was his brother-in-law, Andy, didn’t. In the opening scene we see Andy on a boat dumping dugs off it as CBA officers seize the ship looking for drugs.

Now Andy wasn’t smuggling the drugs for himself.  He was getting them for Tim Briggs, a local gangster who has an extremely annoying voice. When Tim find out that Andy messed up, he beat him up and gave him a few weeks to pay him back.

Since Chris is married to Andy’s sister, Kate, he has to help him out. Chris first decides to go to Tim and try to reason with him. Tim’s response is that he wants seven hundred thousand for not killing Andy. He gives Chris 2 weeks to come up with the money. That’s a lot to get in just 2 short weeks.

So Chris does what he does best, smuggling. He gets a crew together and his plan is to go to Panama and get counterfeit bills to pay Tim off. Chris doesn’t take his best friend Sebastian (played by Ben Foster). Sebastian is a former smuggler and gave it up for what seems to be a more legal field of work in construction.

The biggest problem I had with this movie was the progression of Sebastian’s character. He was cool and calm for the first half of the movie. He had Chris and everyone believing he was their friend. Secretly, he is better friends with Tim and the drugs Andy dumped into the ocean were his. So you have this long standing friendship between Chris and Sebastian and then we find out that its a lie?

But back to Panama and the voyage there. Chris assembled a team of himself, Andy, Chris’s real friend Danny, and a few minor characters that just take up space on the screen. They board a cargo ship and plan to store the money there. First Chris decides to cut a hole in the cargo room wall and store the money there. This is a cargo ship filled with people; you’re telling me they can transfer thousands of dollars through the hall without anyone noticing?

After a long voyage they get to Panama. Now I should mention that Chris had prior arguments with the captain of the ship, it’s pointless now, but it plays in later. Chris, Andy and Danny take some money and go to the place where their getting the fake money. The problem was the bills were printed on bad paper so they had to go to find a better supplier. They find themselves into the scary underworld of the Panama gangs. Where the head guy in charge, Gonzalo, has a reputation for beheading those who opposed him.

Andy stays in the van with the money, while Chris and Danny go in and negotiate for the money. While in the van, Andy gets a call from Tim. Tim says for Andy to take the money and go to a local drug dealer and buy the drugs to replace the ones he lost. Tim also sends a picture of Chris’s son playing soccer as proof that he’s serious. Andy of course leaves without telling anyone and takes the money.

Now obviously this causes a problem when Chris tries to pay the people and there’s no money. Gonzalo was planning on robbing an armored truck today and since Chris now owes him, Chris and Danny have to come along.

They had a cool idea of instead of using masks, they guys would wrap duct tape over their face. It looks pretty cool when a group of duct tapped wearing thieves come out with machine guns and shoot the place up. Only Gonzalo, Chris and Danny survive. What Gonzalo pulls out of the truck is what appears to be a tarp and that’s it. We don’t learn what it is until the last 3 minutes of the movie.

Gonzalo is killed by a stray bullet and Chris just dumps him out of the car and they drive to the boat. Andy is already on the boat and tells Chris about it when he gets back. During while all this is happening, Sebastian started doing a lot of hard drugs and tried to screw Chris’s wife. He pushed her and she hit her head on a table. Sebastian decides to wrap her up and dump her body in the construction site he works at.

So long story short, Chris gets back to America and goes to deliver the bills to Tim. I don’t want to spoil how he screws Tim over and gets Tim arrested, but it’s pretty cool. To the fate of what happens to Chris wife, well you’ll just have to watch it to see.

Overall I would give this movie a 4/5.


One thought on “Contraband

  1. techsipport says:

    Agree dude… excellent film. Even the Mrs loved it and she fuckin hates Wahlberg.


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