Déjà vu/Source Code


I wanted to compare 2 movies with similar plot lines. In both movies, the main character has to travel back in time to stop a terrorist from detonating a bomb. In both, the terrorists already blew up the bombs, but the characters must track down who the bomber is with futuristic technology and in the end find a way to transport them back in time to stop the bomber.

In Déjà vu, Denzel Washington plays a detective who after the bomb blows off, is tasked to join a team and find the bomber. The team uses high tec satellites to literally look back days ago and track the bomber to the point where he lays the bomb. What they don’t tell Denzel is that the technology is a window into a few days ago so they are literally looking back in time.

At the end of the movie, they find the bomber and arrest him. Denzel at the end finds a way to send himself back into the past to actually stop the bomber from blowing the bomb in the first place. He does this at the cost of his own life, but does it in 1 try (you’ll see why I put that in later).

Source Code takes a different approach. Jake Gyllenhaal’s character is a marine who was brutally maimed in a helicopter accident. He doesn’t know it, but he is strapped to a machine that lets him embody a person involved in a train bombing, similar to Denzel, he is tasked with finding the bomber before he strikes again.

So they both have similar plotlines. The difference is, that in Source Code, Jake takes about 12 tries to figure out the who the bomber is. 12 tries….he just keeps blowing up before he find the guy. In the end, on try 13, he puts himself there again with the intent to stop the bomber. He does, because he had 13 freaking tries!

Déjà vu was a thousand times better than Source Code. The fact that it took Jake 13 times to get it right was ridiculous. Déjà vu gets a 4/5 while Source Code gets a 2/5.

Joe Reyes


One thought on “Déjà vu/Source Code

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    I want to thank you for visiting my so called blog. And the like.
    I am glad you are reviewing the silver screen. That is an important job.
    I rarely watch movies, but when I do…I drink water. 😉


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