Morris Claiborne

I don’t watch a lot of college football. I probably can’t name 10 teams, I probably can’t even name 5 players in the league. But every year 1 player stands out to me. It’s either I see highlights of him on Sports Center or something like that, but 1 player every year I follow until he makes it into the NFL and watch him play. This year it’s Morris Claiborne.

I know he played for LSU last year. He was the number 1 cornerback coming out of college. The critics say he’s the closest thing prototype cornerback next to Darrelle Revis. Since Revis is the best now, saying Claiborne is going to be like him is a huge complement.

Dallas paid huge for him. They gave up a lot of draft picks to get him and I think he’s worth every one of them. It’s a miracle that St. Louis was stupid enough to let that trade go through; otherwise he would be a Ram this year.

Dallas had problems at the cornerback position. So getting Claiborne was the smartest move they could’ve done. The only reason he isn’t the number 1 cornerback on the roster is because he’s a rookie. And it’s not fair to throw him to Brandon Marshall, Roddy White and A.J Green on his first year. Next year he will be the number 1 cornerback on Dallas and be more equipped to take on the likes of Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson.

I think Claiborne could win Defensive Rookie Of The Year. I’m making that prediction right now. I think he’s that good. And since he’s taking on the number 2 receivers, he can easily get some interceptions off of them. I’m excited to watch Dallas this season, but only time will tell to see if I’m right about my prediction.

Joe Reyes


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