On December 21, 2012 I won’t be worried about the world ending. I don’t think some chaotic earthquake will happen or tidal waves that will wipe the coastline clean. No, what I am afraid are the days before that day. That’s what scares is when people believe the world will end and do whatever they want until that day because they think the worlds going to end.

If you truly believe the worlds going to end, then you don’t give a damn about consequences. You would just do whatever and enjoy yourself until the world ends. People always get crazy in time of crisis. When 9/11 happened, they found a fire truck filled with jeans. They robbed a clothing store and put all the jeans in the fire truck. How mess up is that?

People will riot. People will kill each other for stuff. Credit card purchases will skyrocket. Everyone will just blow their money on whatever because it doesn’t matter to them. Since they think the worlds going to end it doesn’t matter.

I don’t think the world will end but something will happen. People being scared is bad enough. When people get scared they get stupid. When people get stupid, people die. So watch out before that day. I sure as Hell will. People are unpredictable in times of chaos.

Joe Reyes


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