Writers has a tendency to do this. They create a show with a great concept, hype it up for months before, have a great opening episode that sucks you into it, but find a way to screw it up. Revolution, I see that happening. I watched an early premier of the first episode recently and I can tell already that the writer will find a way to screw it up.

Revolution has an interesting and unique concept. All the electricity has turned off and isn’t going back on. Cars, lights, even batteries have all been shut done permanently. No, they don’t tell you why in the first episode. All we know is that Charlie, the main heroine’s father is involved. He came home before the power shut off and said “it’s happening” to his wife. At this time, Charlie was a young girl. She also has a younger brother and a mother who we don’t see past the opening scene.

After the opening scene, we are transported 15 years into the future. Charlie, her brother and father live in a farming town. As you might have expected, gangs roam around demanding taxes for not destroying their town. This gang, called the Monroe Republic, comes to take the father away. They have orders to take him to the gang leader. Charlie is away at this time when this happens.

The rule of the land, if you have a gun then you are God. Most people at this time use swords and bows, but a few have guns. The father is shot and the brother is taking captive back to Monroe. When Charlie returns, her father tells her to go find his brother Miles in Chicago. He gives her a thumb drive and says that this will turn the lights back on.

I’m not going any further on the story because I don’t want to spoil all of it for you. The problem I see with this show is similar to Terra Nova, which I don’t even know if it’s coming back. Where Terra Nova had a great concept, but ruined itself with a pointless plot that strayed so far from the original storyline.

I see Revolution going off in a similar tangent. I can see this story focusing more on other plotlines rather than sticking on the main course. Maybe I am wrong. I hope so because this kind of story interests me. The whole “rebuilding from nothing” storylines always interest me. I’m giving it an optimistic 4/5 because the upside is so high coming up the first episode. But again don’t get your hopes up too high because shows like this somehow find ways to disappoint.

Joe Reyes


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