The New Normal

It looks like NBC found a way to compete with ABC’s Modern Family. The New Normal takes a very similar approach. The main similarity is that 2 of the main characters are a gay couple trying to have a baby. In Modern Family, they adopt a Vietnamese child. In the New Normal, the couple tries to find a surrogate mother.

In enters Goldie, a young woman with a daughter. Now a single mother after she catches her immature husband with another woman. Goldie also lives with her grandmother Jane (brilliantly played by Ellen Barkin).

After Goldie sees her husband with another woman, she tries to change her entire life. She doesn’t have much money at this point and wants to give her daughter something. So becoming a surrogate, which gives her around 30 thousand dollars, is an idea. Jane hates this idea. She is prejudice against gays and other races. Her character is hysterical. I would be shocked if she doesn’t win an award for her character.

The gay couples, David and Bryan, meet with Goldie and pick her to be the surrogate. They are so touched by her story and why she’s doing it, that they let her live in their guest house. The couple is rich to say the least.

Not only is this show incredibly funny, it also has messages in it. It teaches you about people’s differences. One of the lines I loved was “Strange is the new normal” and that’s true. The only problem i can see with this show is that it’s incredible mean towards gays and other cultures. Even though Ellen’s character is funny, I can see how someone who is gay can be offended by her lines. I do hope that people don’t complain about her enough so that they have to dial back her character.

This show is on NBC on Tuesdays at 9:30. It’s defiantly worth giving it a try. I give it a 5/5 because this show has great potential coming off its first 2 episodes and I can’t wait to see the next one.

Joe Reyes


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