Madden 13…The Worst Madden Ever

The graphics, the tackling and running physics, amazing. That’s as far as this game goes. If you just play Exhibition mode, then this game for you is a 5/5 easily. But for those who play other modes and want more than just a 1 on 1 matchup using teams, this game is a 1/5. And the 1 is just for Exhibition mode alone.

They took out Franchise mode!? Why would you take out the storyline of the game? Without Franchise mode, then there is nothing to achieve in this game. They give you this Connecting Career mode, which lets you play as just 1 player for seasons. That’s not fun. You can play defense as Adrian Peterson. Unless for playing as a Quarterback, then offense is boring to play. I tried playing it as Adrian Peterson and I was bored. I quit after 1 game.

The game forces you to buy online. And if you have X-Box 360, online costs money. So they give you a game with Exhibition mode, a boring Career mode and force you to get online so you can have the full game experience?

How do you take a step back like this EA? You take away the best part of your game. You take away drafting a team and making trades to beef up your rosters and then fight for a championship. That’s 1/3 of your game. 1/3 is Exhibition, 1/3 is online matches and 1/3 is Franchise mode.

It’s a huge disappointment to fans of this game because we expect so much more. And who would’ve thought they would take out one of the most popular parts of the game. That’s like making a Mortal Kombat game without fighting a boss at the end, where the game is just random fights without anything to achieve.

I give Madden 13 a shocking 1/5.

Joe Reyes


2 thoughts on “Madden 13…The Worst Madden Ever

  1. joeandrewc says:

    Wow. Had no idea there was no Franchise mode! Only played the game once, but it was just a exhibition between a friend and I. I’ve always been a big fan of NCAA Football though. I like playing with teams that are no good and taking them to the BCS.


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