Super Bowl Predictions

Patriots over 49ers. That’s how is see the Super Bowl going this year. Both teams improved their rosters during the off season and after last year’s successes, how can’t I think these 2 teams won’t make it.

The Patriots are the team that every year I can see in the Super Bowl. They reload in the draft with a pair a defensive players (Chandler Jones, Dont’a Hightower and Tavon Wilson” who are already making a splash in the league.

In the off season they gave Gronk and Hernandez big contracts. Brandon Lloyd was picked up to improve the high powered offense. Brady has his share of targets this season. Welker is still reliable, even though he wants a new contract. They still have the best coach in the league and they should be the early favorite going in and continuing into the post season.

The 49ers built a reputation by being the toughest defense in the league. Patrick Willis and Navorro bowman can be the best linebacker combination in the league. They have play makers all along the defensive front. Both Smiths are playing great and the defensive backs force a lot of turnovers.

On offensive they gave Alex Smith every weapon to succeed. I think their motto should be “just don’t screw up”. They gave him Randy Moss, super champs Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham. They literally gave Alex Smith every reason to succeed.

The reason why I don’t think 49ers will win is I don’t think Alex Smith can find the open man as well as Brady can. I think the Patriots offensive is better, but the 49ers have the better defense. It will be a hard fought game, but I think the Patriots can find a way to pull ahead.

Joe Reyes


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