Boardwalk Empire

The HBO series about mobsters during the Prohibition era. A smash hit. Now on its third season, the show gets better and better. It’s a brutal show that throws no punches. Characters are introduced just to be killed off in coming episodes.

The show went as far as to kill the co-star of the show at the end of the second season. How it happened was appropriate to the story, but I think it was done too soon. The character, Jimmy, had a lot going for him in terms of plot. He was starting his own liquor making ring, making friends with other mobsters and starting a war with his former guardian Nucky Thompson.

At the end, Nucky shot Jimmy in the head. Jimmy was getting too powerful for Nucky to just stand by and watch. Now Nucky is continuing his enterprise and starting wars with other mob families. In the opening episode of the third season, Nucky only vowed to see his alcohol to one family and that’s it. Obviously the other families don’t like that, so a show down is bound to happen.

The show is smartly written and each episode is filled with other characters storylines.  Each character has an interesting story that branch out in a way that you can tailor entire episodes around them. We have Chalky White, the black gangster who is caught up in the liquor business and at the same time fights clan members and oppression for his black brethren.

Richard is a war veteran with a scared face who wears a half mask. He was Jimmy’s friend and muscle of the group. Richard has military background and is a sharpshooter. After Jimmy and his wife died, Richard seems to take care of his son. And in a shocking closing of the episode, kills a man who was responsible for Jimmy’s death. Not Nucky, the show won’t go that far this early, but another man involved.

Owen, an Irish mobster who works for Nucky. The show has to find a way to get Richard and Owen in a fight. Both men are badass killers and a showdown would be great to see.

The list goes on and one. Even Al Capone is in the show, but since he is young at this point and just starting up, he has incredible upside in the story. Every episode is a chance to make the fans just saw “Wow” and this show will end up getting similar, if not better, praise in the Emmys.

Watch Boardwalk Empire Sundays on HBO. It’s well worth it. A 5/5.

Joe Reyes


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