My Mom’s Crazy Cousin

My mom told me this story about her cousin and it was so outrageous that I had to talk about it. So her cousin, Jane, had a car that she couldn’t afford anymore. I think it was insurance reasons or something like that, but she couldn’t keep paying for it.

She decided to park her car in a bad neighborhood for the hopes that someone would steal it or vandalize it so she will get the insurance money and get a new car. For days car sat there, unlocked and everything and nobody touched it. We didn’t live in a bad neighborhood, but if you left a car for days unattended there then someone was bound to do something to it.

One day we heard fire trucks and ambulances passing nearby. Then a loud frantic knocking at our door. We opened it and Jane came rushing in. She said “OK, I was here for 2 hours and we watched the game”. Since nobody did anything to her car, she took matters into her own hands.

She threw molotov cocktail into her car. A number of things could’ve gone wrong. The cocktail could’ve killed her, someone else; the car could’ve blown up and killed someone.  She claimed the car stolen and got the insurance company to pay for a new one. And that’s the story of crazy Jane.

Joe Reyes


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