The Worst Job Ever

I was watching this movie The Messenger, and in it I saw what I believed to be the worst job to ever have. In it Woody Harrison and Ben Foster were in the Marines, their job was to go to your house and tell you that your child or family member was killed in action.

Can you just imagine how terrible that has to be? To tell a woman that her son is dead. There is no easy way to do that. Every time you do it the same thing happens. People cry, they push you out and curse at you and you just have to keep talking about what happened and how they died.

The people who do that are the hardest working people in the world. I mean how do you prepare yourself to tell someone that their child is dead? You probably start by practicing your typical lines, “Mr. So-and-so, I have unfortunate news, you child was killed in action”. Practicing it is one thing, but having the courage to say that is another level of courage.

And let’s say you do your job, tell someone that their daughter is dead, they cry and you leave. Then you gotta do it again to another family. And you go out and ruin another family. And then another and another.

It’s insane how people can do that on a regular basis. The people who do that are the most courage people on the planet. It takes a lot to do that over and over, because you never get used to it.

Joe Reyes


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