Act Of Valor

This is the closest thing we would ever get to a “Call of Duty” movie. All the aspects of a great war movie are in this film. The characters are believable. Real Marines are in this movie, which is pretty cool and defiantly different. The directing is amazing and the plot is too.

The movie starts off with a bang, literally. They spare no moral expense in the opening scene, where a bomb blows up a playground filled with children. This scene created a real aspect that terrorist don’t care about age, all they care about is sending a message.

It does have a typical storyline. Bad guys want to kill everyone and the good guys stop it. It has a “Call of Duty” like feel because we see missions ranging from country to country. It even looks like a videogame at some points. A first person camera is introduced throughout the movie during the firefights.

I had 2 problems with this movie. 1 it was too short. This could’ve been a T.V series. That’s how good it was. I didn’t want it to end. Every scene was amazing to watch. Firefights were real, and there was a sense of urgency with the main characters always. When it was over my reaction was “Aw that’s it?”. I was disappointed it was over.

My second problem was the fact that everyone looks the same. The main characters are all dressed the same. No differences among any of them, which is a real thing, but when one character got killed it took me till the end of the movie to figure out who died. I really had no idea who got killed until the end. And it shocked me because I thought the wrong guy was dead. Also the dim lighting didn’t help much.

This movie is a 5/5 easily. I can see Oscars for this movie. Maybe not best picture, but Directing and Cinematography nominations for sure.

Joe Reyes


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