Jordan vs. Bryant

I’m going to start this off strong with arguably the best player ever in Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant, the closest thing we’ve seen to Jordan. For years teams have been trying to recreate the Jordan frame. 6’6, athletic highflying build and a stone-cold dead eye shooter.

Jordan might be the greatest scorer in history. I am not the biggest fan of Jordan. I think he took too many shots and held the ball a lot. BUT, he did it because he was the best player on the floor. Doesn’t matter if it was a regular season game, doesn’t matter if it was an All-Star game; Jordan was the best scorer on the floor.

Jordan was also a great defender. Arguably, one of the best on ball defenders in the league history. He played on a team with many Hall of Famers. Scotty Pippen was a superstar, Rodman was one of the best rebounders ever and they just surrounded Jordan with playmakers. The Bulls built a team catering around one player. They even fired coaches because Jordan wasn’t happy.

Kobe is the best closer in the game today. At the end of close games, we know Kobe’s getting that ball and they can’t stop him. We all know this ball is going to Kobe and teams would double team him and he would end up hoisting that ball up from far 3 point range and ….nothing but net.

Kobe had play makers around him too. Not to the extent as Jordan, but he had Shaq. I’m saying Shaq is the best Center ever and Kobe benefitted from having him around. Even though there was bad blood between them, they still won championships. I don’t think Derrick Fisher is that good. If anything he is the Jordan equal to John Paxton.

I would take Kobe before Jordan and I know people will think I’m crazy for that. Kobe had to go through tougher teams than Jordan did. Kobe is still getting it done. And I think he can still get another ring before he’s done.

Another reason why I’d take Kobe is because even when he’s injured, he still preforms. One year Kobe had two fingers that weren’t hurt on his shooting hand. They were broken and sprained and he still shot game winners. Ankle injuries and back spasms didn’t stop him from getting it done. That is why I would take Kobe, he is a warrior. And yes Jordan is too, but he hasn’t had to get it done with the obstacles Kobe has.

Joe Reyes


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