Hulk vs. Juggernaut

This would be a tougher fight than most people would think. People think because the Hulk gets stronger the angrier he gets, that Juggernaut doesn’t stand a chance. Wrong! Juggernaut can stand toe to toe with the best of them. The only reason the X-Men keep beating him is because they keep using the same strategy. They rip his helmet off and Professor X mind beats him.

Hulk doesn’t have mental powers. He is a straight bruiser and this would be his toughest hand to hand battle. Neither guy has any special powers besides strength and durability. Hulk is listed as 7 feet and a thousand pounds. Juggernaut is listed as 6’10 and around 900 pounds. Size wise they are very close.

I think this battle, and the Hulks victory in this, coming down to speed and jumping ability. Hulk has ridiculous jumping ability. Sometimes people think he’s flying because he get so much hang time. I can see Hulk using that to his advantage. Just tackling Juggernaut and pounding away is the best strategy he has going for him.

I can’t see the Hulk out boxing Juggernaut. He is just too massive to out punch. Juggernaut’s not that fast but he has momentum going for him. You get Juggernaut chasing you then there’s not much that can stop him. Hulk will get ran over by him.

I can see this battle coming down, not to overpower, but to Hulk using his athleticism against Juggernaut. Hulk is way more athletic and that’s the only chance he has. Hulk has to use some crazy jumping move against Juggernaut. Also Hulk creates thunder claps with his hand and pounding the ground to create earthquakes. Stuff like that will ensure Hulk will win, because I don’t see him out punching Juggernaut.

Joe Reyes


4 thoughts on “Hulk vs. Juggernaut

  1. xmenxpert says:

    It also depends on which version of the Hulk we’re dealing with. The Green Scar beat the Juggernaut by simply getting out of his way and letting him sink into some mud. Any intelligent version of the Hulk would likely use a similar strategy.

    The classic dumb Hulk, however, would be more likely to simply pound on him until something gave him a win.


    • joereyes3 says:

      honestly i never thought of it like that. i forgot that there were multiple kinds of Hulks in the Marvel universe. but thanks for the info. the next Hulk Vs someone battle i have ill be more specific of which Hulk i use. Thanks for the comments and thanks for stopping by


      • xmenxpert says:

        Yeah, most people tend to think of the classic “Hulk Smash!” version of the character. But it’s been a long time since he was really like that, though that’s the version being used in Avengers Assemble, in a shallow attempt to appeal to the semi-mythical “new readers brought in by the movies” audience. In his own title, Hulk is currently fairly intelligent. Probably around average intelligence. And he’s been mostly like that for over 20 years, with only occasional, brief reversions to his stupid form.


      • joereyes3 says:

        wow that is very great point. when i was writing this i was going with just the Hulk Smash version, because i wanted the hulk to be a brawler. i didnt even put intelligence into the matchup but the next one i will have to do that. i’ll be writing many other matchups so defiantly keep checking on my site to see what you think. some others are “blackcat vs electra” and “spiderman vs daredevil”



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