Assassins Creed 3….Will It Finally Make Sense?

This is one of the greatest and at the same time, most confusing game franchise I have ever played. In one hand, you have a game where you play as a ninja like assassin. You can climb building and jump from rooftop to rooftop on your journey to kill your targets. You are giving an arsenal or weapons and every game give you a new weapons that makes you just say “WOW”.

When the second game came out, all it took was one cut scene where you can stab two people at the same time. That’s all I needed to want to buy this game. In each game you are giving amazing moves to kill and incapacitate your opponents with. Smoke bombs and even a gun are the new weapons you were giving.

All this seems like a great game, but now to the part that makes this game confusing and downright irritating at times. Apparently the whole game is a dream. Well, not a dream per say. You are a bartender a few years in the future. Your ancestor was part of the assassins and using a machine you are able to go into the memories of your DNA and relive your assassin’s memories.

The reason is because of some mystical weapon, that a group called the “Templars” want to find. Your ancestor knows where he buried it so they need you to go into the DNA memory to find it. This leads to confusing cut scenes and random parts where your character is taking out of the machine to do other stuff.

Not to fight mass loads of people, but to sleep and operate generators. Really not riveting plot points. If this game was just about the assassin and not about a bartender, then this game will win “Game of the Year” every year.

The graphic are amazing, the storyline (as the assassin) is riveting. They screwed up putting another storyline that nobody likes. It’s stupid to say the least. When your outside the machine there is a storyline. Not a good one though. In fact I don’t know the whole story. It’s so stupid and boring that you lose interest completely.

You don’t work with the Templars; you work with a group against them. You only see a few Templar goons for one scene in the second game. I wouldn’t be surprised if you find out the Templars are the people you’re working with.

I don’t know where this game is going. But, I’m still buying it. Because playing as the assassin is well worth the confusing side story. I’m giving the series a 4/5 because there is just 1 problem and that’s everything when you’re not the assassin.

I want to talk a little about the 3rd installment. You are now in the Revolutionary War, fighting the British soldiers. Really don’t know much about it, but of course it looks great. It will deliver that’s for sure. I’ll be picking up this game when it comes out, October 30th, and will be writing a full review on the game.

Joe Reyes


4 thoughts on “Assassins Creed 3….Will It Finally Make Sense?

  1. techsipport says:

    Good summary dude.


  2. woosleka says:

    Good article, I like how you wrote it. I would work on being slightly less biased, but I thought it was really well written.


    • joereyes3 says:

      Thank you and i understand that i am biased in this review, but my god this game annoys me! it’s great and bad at the same time. it makes you want to buy the new ones and also not buy the new ones. i find myself buying this game to figure out just what the Hell is going on. but thanks for your comments and thanks for reading.


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