Why Do We Know This?

Recently I was watching ESPN and I heard something that confused me. Apparently at the end of a Broncos game, the number 2 Quarterback was prepping to throw the Hail Mary pass to try to win the game. Peyton Manning wasn’t going to do that because his arm strength wasn’t there. My problem is, why did they tell that? Your Quarterback can’t throw the ball? That’s not the bad part. The bad part is that me, the average fan, knows about something that the Denver Broncos shouldn’t have released.

This is huge! So if you’re facing the Broncos, and you’re up a score with a few seconds left, then you don’t have to worry because Peyton can’t throw the ball that far. You can rush a few more people and play your defensive backs deep and not really have to worry that much. This is game plan kind of stuff. This is horrible for the Broncos to release.

Teams do this a lot, revealing more than they should. I remember when Tim Tebow went to the Jets and Rex Ryan was talking about all the ways they will utilize Tebow. You’re telling everyone that he will be on punt protection? So he might get the ball on the snap? You’re letting me know that? You’re letting your opponents know that there is a chance that Tebow might get this ball.

The Jets thing might be used to scare opponents and make them think twice about not coving Tebow. But the Peyton thing is ridiculous! You can’t let people know stuff like this. It is bad for your team. It also makes Peyton look like his coming back was premature. It makes people think twice about Peyton. This was a bad idea talking about this to the media because it makes your team and Quarterback look bad.

Joe Reyes



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