The Office Ends?

I heard that this will be the last season of the NBC hit show, The Office. It’s been a great run for the show. The main cast of characters have evolved so much from the first episode. For the first few seasons we had the “Jim and Pam, will they or won’t they” scenario. For seasons we have been rooting for Jim to finally end up with Pam and after all obstacles it happened.

The boss Michael, played by Steve Carrell, was always the anchor of the show.  Even though he played an idiot, he was a great character and was even awarded and Emmy for his performance. This show could’ve went on for a few more seasons, but when Carroll left, the show started to slump. It wasn’t bad, but it was missing something.

The writers did a great job of compensating without Carrell. They found new ways to get all characters involved and it turned out great. But still, it’s not as good as the show used to be. And the show ended after this season is a clear indication that’s what others believe also.

It has to end and it sucks that it has to. Because like I said before, this show can defiantly go at least 3 more seasons. Sometimes it’s better to cut your losses now and get a huge fan base for the final season. It will probably have a bigger rating for the last episode than the last episodes of Friends.

Joe Reyes


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