Russell Wilson…How The %#@ Did He Do It?

The Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to about a 30 million dollar contract… and the rookie Russell Wilson is the starter? I can understand if Wilson played better than Flynn in practice and preseason, but look at it from a money standpoint. You spent 30 million dollars on a backup. I can see if Flynn was a Wild Cat kind of player, then I can understand because you’ll use him a lot.

How is Management OK with this? The Seahawks aren’t a high profile team. They don’t scare anyone. They might win a few games here and there, but they aren’t a threat to playoff contenders. So right there you could’ve spent that money on a high quality player or players. Make the team better maybe.

It’s stupid! I just don’t see how people thought this was a good idea. So now you got Flynn on the bench almost hoping that Wilson struggles of gets injured so he can play. Yes, that’s what all backups say, but Flynn was given a huge contract to do nothing. Waste of time! Idiotic! Are the only things that come to mind when I hear about this.

I believe Wilson can be a good starter, but it’s the principle of that you wasted a lot of money so I guy can be a backup is ridiculous.

Joe Reyes


2 thoughts on “Russell Wilson…How The %#@ Did He Do It?

  1. thesportsmaster8000 says:

    Seattle was so desperate for a quarterback when FA started, they would inevitably overspend on whoever they were able to pick up, seeing as how Manning wasn’t even considering Seattle. It will be interesting to see how the season plays out. If Wilson struggles, like he did for a brief stretch already, people will be calling for Flynn again, because of the big contract he signed.


    • joereyes3 says:

      Yes they are desperate and obviously stupid also. To not even give Flynn 1 regular season game is outrageous and I wonder what will happen later on because Wilson isn’t playing bad. He is actually playing quite good. Thank for again for reading and stop on by again to see if I write anything else that sparks your interest.


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