What If Heath Ledger Didn’t Die?

What If Heath Ledger Didn’t Die?

My question is referring to the last Batman movie. Think carefully about this. If Ledger didn’t die, would he have been in the last movie. Would they have taken the approach the comics and TV show goes, where he breaks out and he and Batman fight?

More importantly, would Bane be in the movie? I don’t think so. I think this movie was made with Bane for the sole reason that Ledger died. If the Joker and Bane were in the movie, then Bane would’ve killed the Joker in the end.

They couldn’t co-exist as villains. They had completely different plans. Bane was a suicide bomber in the end. He brought a nuke into Gotham and was going to blow it up with him in it. The Joker wasn’t about sacrifice, especially himself. He inflicted fear and destruction in The Dark Knight, but never did he try to kill himself. Or do something crazy that he would’ve gotten killed.

In the final scene, when Batman through him off the building, The Joker was laughing all the way down. Not because he was crazy, because he knew Batman was going to save him. Even after everything The Joker did.

There was no way they could’ve co-existed. Anyone who would think that would be crazy. Not saying it’s not possible they could’ve been in the movie, I’m saying that they wouldn’t have worked together. If anything, they would be enemies and I think The Joker would’ve ended up helping Batman.

Joe Reyes


7 thoughts on “What If Heath Ledger Didn’t Die?

  1. Aries says:

    Too bad we wont see that!


  2. techsipport says:

    I’d put money on the Joker attempting something big enough and twisted enough to take both the Bat and Bane out simultaneously. He’s a beautiful lunatic.


  3. bob says:

    First of all Heath Ledger was signed for two movies when he initially was given the role. I don’t know if Bane was ever a part of the original trilogy but Joker was meant for more. The Dark Knight would have ended completely different, Joker’s last scene wouldn’t have been being arrested by the swat team. The line “We’re destined to do this forever” was foreshadowing of more to come from the Batman/Joker conflict. Joker is always present and in the background of every major story involving Batman directly or indirectly. I wouldn’t be surprised if Harley Quinn would have had a cameo for breaking Joker out at the end of the Dark Knight or beginning of the Dark Knight Rises. Joker and Bane wouldn’t co-exist but Joker would have found Bane’s plan intriguing and would have sat back and watched the city burn, waiting for Batman to return and finding the opportune moment to come out of the shadows. You have to remember that Bane was not the mastermind behind the plan either. “SPOILER ALERT” but Talia Al Ghoul was so Joker would have played off her, not Bane. Joker is crazy, but not stupid and would have figured out Bane was not the ringleader. But we’ll never know, and maybe it’s for the best. Heath Ledger’s realization of the Joker can never be tarnished by a sequel and that makes The Dark Knight so captivating because all you want is more and yet you’ll never get it.


    • joereyes3 says:

      Wow, that was the best well written response to anything I have ever written. You are 100% correct and its sad that we may never know what could’ve been. Harley Quinn was an interesting idea and logically the right idea. I don’t think Bane would’ve been there if the Ledger was still alive. It would be too much for Batman to fight off the Joker and Bane at the same time. Even with Catwoman, not saying she would really be any help, but someone is better than no one. The movie would be completely different. I for one get tired of seeing the hero fight the same villain again and again so I enjoyed Bane giving new life as Batman’s enemy.
      Again thank you very much fro your comments and for giving me a new article to write about. I hope you stop on by again and continue to read on.


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