Game of Thrones

To start off, I love this show. I think it’s a great addition to HBO and it follows the book perfectly. That being said, I don’t like where some things in the show have gone. Not in terms of plot, but in terms of multiple storylines.

After the first season, Peter Dinklage, won an award for his character. He was amazing and the award was well deserved. I was shocked to find out he was even nominated after the second season. It’s not that he wasn’t good, he was great, but we didn’t see enough of him.

HBO has a tendency to do this. They open up storylines for every character. Even the most minor of characters get a lot of screen time. In the book, A Song of Fire and Ice, follows a similar format. The problem is you find yourself jumping from character to character constantly. One character might have 5 minutes, and then you are thrown to the other end of the world, where another character is doing their own thing.

The problem I have with the constant changing of characters is that some characters are boring to watch. And in the book I find myself skipping over their chapters to more interesting characters. In one episode, they had only 2 points of views. A battle going on up top and the civilians downstairs drinking wine waiting for the end. Who the hell cares?!

The show does a great job at following the book because it’s exactly the same. The only problem is I wish there was less useless plots because it not only slows down the show, it causes me to fast forward to more interesting plots.

Also, there isn’t much of a main storyline. It’s war in one part of the land, war in another, some people traveling, more war, people in the desert, and I guess something else. The show is a 5/5 and will probably stay a hit for years to come, but I just wish the writers made everybody interesting to watch.

Joe Reyes



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