NBA 2K13

I love it after a previous game lets you down and the new one comes out and BLOWS YOUR MIND! NBA 2K13 is the best basketball game ever made to date. The graphics, amazing. The commentary, amazing. How could you make the controls better? They found a way! And most of all. Possibly my favorite thing about the game. You can put players from Old Time teams to the current roster!

The last game teased you with an array of Old Time teams. Such as the 96 Bulls and the 85 Celtics. These were teams that were historic. There were so many teams like this in 2K12, but you couldn’t put the players from those teams to the current rosters. Me and my dad love making Super teams and we hated that we couldn’t do that in 2K12.

2K13 let you take the players and move them to whatever team you wanted to now. This changes the whole dynamic of the teams. Now the 76s, which was an OK team, now has Allen Iverson, Wilt Chamberlain, Doug Collins and all the other Old Time players from that team.

Franchise made is amazing because of this. Imagine drafting Jordan and a young Kobe Bryant and playing them at the same time. Shaq and Wilt on the same lineup. Season mode is so even now because every team is great now.

But moving on from my favorite feature.  Shooting has been adjusted and works out great. You can now use the right thumb stick to spin your player and pull up while holding the back button to make a perfect looking shot. The game physics have changed to where players bump into each other and change their shots in midair.

The makes overhauled a game that didn’t even need changing. This game should and will win “Best Sports Game” of this year. Nothing comes close to it now. When you add on immensely and don’t subtract anything, what more needs to be said?

Actually I do have 1 problem. Some players didn’t want to be in the game or had contract problems with the developers and are not included. Old Time players like Julius Erving and Kareem Abdul Jabbar aren’t in the game. All current players are obviously in the game, but it would be nice to see Old Time Players that the fans love.

A 5/5 doesn’t do it. I’m giving it a PERFECT rating because numbers don’t tell the whole story. The Dream Team is in it, the current Olympic team is in it. Best Game Of The Year!

Joe Reyes






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