Cloverfield Secrets?

I was on YouTube the other day and a featured video was about the movie Cloverfield. It was one of those videos were the people post secrets they found in the movie. Cloverfield has a ton of secrets in it. Examples of images when the camera cuts to and a satellite falling at the ending scene.

What annoys me is that the movie SUCKED! You never saw much of the monster, the camera always left right as your about to see something cool. There was no answers to anything so it just left you with questions. After all these problems…the makers of this movie had the balls to make the viewer try to figure stuff out?

It’s bad enough that we don’t see much of the monster. That’s just stupid! Now you’re telling me I have to keep re-watching this movie to figure out the whole movie? I have to study it like a test at school to find out the secrets in it so I can piece this piece of garbage movie together.

There’s going to be a sequel someday. The makers of the first one will put out another. The first one sold big and made huge profits. But my God! Don’t make us, the fans, have to figure your movie out.

Some of the secrets in the first one were just impossible to find on your own. The final scene of movie, we see a satellite fall in the water. It’s so far in the distance and it’s for a split second. You see a tiny splash of water in the way back of the scene. Even if you’re looking right at it, it’s still impossible to notice the first time.

This picture sums up everything. The sequel is going to suck, but sell big.

Joe Reyes



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