Homeland Season 1 Review

One of the best shows on TV by far. I watched the entire first season in a day. That’s how good this show is. It’s an unexpected show that has constant twists and turns. You literally have to watch every episode because the whole storyline changes in a single moment.

The show is about Sergeant Nicholas Brody, a soldier who was captured for 8 years in the Middle East. After his release, there was some suspicion in Homeland Security. Specifically Agent Carrie Mathison, who learned that an American soldier was turned by the terrorist. So Brody coming back after learning that was cause for concern.

Brody and his family are spied on and everything they do is documented. At first you think Brody is a terrorist. The guys storing secret stuff in his garage, meeting with people in secret, going out for hour on end. Even his family sees something going on.

So after we think Brody is the terrorist, we learn that another soldier was captured and released around the same time. So now, after episodes and episodes of suspicion and belief, we find out Brody isn’t the terrorist. And then in a bombshell, you find out Brody is working with the other soldier and he is a terrorist!

The whole time Carrie knows he’s guilty, but can’t prove it. She is practically fired and arrested at the end of the first season for calling in a bomb threat and implicating Brody. The worst part about it is that she was right the whole time!

In the ending scene, Brody was going to blow himself up with members of the president’s cabinet right next to him, but doesn’t do it. But he was going to. It’s almost depressing to see how nobody believes Carrie in this show. She is so smart and everything thinks she’s crazy. In the end she thinks she’s crazy.

Besides those 2 characters, a lot else happens through this story. You have Brody’s family, who are trying to adjust to having him back. His kids who he hasn’t seen since they were infants. His wife having an affair with his best friend when Brody was presumed dead.

Carrie also has missions going on where they are trying to nail the main terrorist. So we have undercover mission and assets getting killed on her watch. An enormous amount of things are going on in this show. So, you are never bored.

A perfect 5/5. This show won huge awards and will continue to until the show ends. But how will it end is the question? Will the plots go through? Will Carrie come back? All questions that will be answered in Season 2 that has already started.

Joe Reyes




2 thoughts on “Homeland Season 1 Review

  1. RMW says:

    Thanks for liking my post on “hotoutofthekiln.” Haven’t seen this show yet… still waiting for Netflix to send it…. very long wait…


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