What makes this show great is that they took the character of Sherlock Holmes from the movie and put that character into the show. The way Robert Downey Jr. portrayed Holmes is spot on in this show. It’s a modernized version taking place now. Holmes is a consultant for the NYPD.

He takes a different approach to things and is always smarter than everyone else. His powers are in the realm of observation. That seems to be the biggest part of his repertoire that makes him a great detective.

Watson is a woman in this. Weird huh? They wanted to do something different and they did. Lucy Liu plays a great assistant to Holmes. It’s been about 3 episodes now so we haven’t gotten a real window into the personal life of Watson, but all we know was that she was a surgeon at one point. When her patient died, then she quit the medical field. This is something Holmes deduced from first meeting her.

The show is a typical detective show. A murder happens and Holmes has to solve it. And as in every show, it doesn’t get solved until the final minutes. What separates this show from others is the way Holmes deduces who the killer is.

Fans of the movies will absolutely love the show. Jonny Lee Miller plays a great Holmes and I would be shocked if there wasn’t an award in store for him. He is the perfect Holmes next to Downey Jr. and because of his acting ability this show will be a top weekly show.

Check it out on CBS because I sure as Hell will.

I’m giving it an early 5/5 and predicting Emmy awards for the show, Miller and Liu.



2 thoughts on “Elementary

  1. JJGoode says:

    I’ve been a Holmes franchise for awhile now, so I was a little skeptical of Elementary at first. A few buddies that work at DISH with me weren’t sure that the attempt to reshape Watson into a girl would go over well either. But after catching up on all of the episodes on my Hopper, Miller and Liu are awesome. I’ve even watched some of the scenes multiple times, and the writing for their characters seems to be perfect. It’s nice to have a DVR with enough recording space to let me save everything I want to for those nights I’m feeling nostalgic. Elementary is now at the top of my list of shows for this fall TV season.


    • joereyes3 says:

      that you very much for reading and your comments. yes, i too was skeptical about the whole idea of the show, but it was very put together and has a lot of upside and potential. i hope you stop on by again to see if i write more things that catch your interest.


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