Why Do Both?

After watching Josh Cribbs get rocked by the Ravens a questioned why is “He” the punt and kickoff returner. Not “why does he return punts and kickoffs?” he is great at it. But why is your best receiver the guy to do the most dangerous job on the field?

Punt and kickoffs are incredibly dangerous. You got players running full speed right at each other. Injuries obviously happen, that’s not going to change. On the Cardinals, Patrick Peterson is the return man. Peterson is the future of that team. Maybe, one of the best up in coming cornerbacks in the league. Some say “Deon Sanders-esk” even.

Deon Sanders was the greatest cornerback in history. He also did receiver and was the return man for the teams he was on. If Deon got injured, then the team was screwed. Which is why I don’t see how a coach can put your best player on the field doing the most dangerous job.

There are players coming out of the draft that are just used as return men. When Hester came out he was the return man from day 1. He was an OK receiver, but did he come up to the draft predicted to be the best receiver. No, he was drafted for his return skills.

Now I can understand if you’re good at it. But if you’re someone like DeSean Jackson and you’re the best receiver on the team, then you don’t need to be a return man. It’s too risky to put your best player out there as a returner.

Now Cribbs isn’t a super player, but Peterson and Jackson are. And there are way too many roster spots on the team to not have at least 1 spot for a return man.

Joe Reyes



2 thoughts on “Why Do Both?

  1. Should the NFL banish kick returns due to this ?


    • joereyes3 says:

      No, what I think should happen is teams should have a guy who’s job is to be the kick returner. Why put your best player out there doing the most dangerous job on the field? Like in Madden, I would grab a free agent and have him just as a returner and more teams should do this. Thanks for reading and stop on by again.


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