My Favorite Kind Of Video-game


Games like “Call of Duty” are fun. Any game that lets you kill mass loads of enemies or destroy kids in middle online are fun, but the best kinds of games out there are Role Playing games. The type of game that gives you multiple options that impact the storyline. It’s fun to have some kind of control in the game.

“Skyrim” is entirely based upon decision making. The games gives you possibly hundreds of quests to do. Sometimes I forget what the main quest is because of all the side quests. And they’re fun quests too. Joining the revolution and fighting against the government is no small quest.

In games like “Mass Effect” everything you do impacts the storyline. Not only do your decisions affect the storyline, it effects story-lines in the other games. Something you did in the 1st game might bite you in the ass in the 3rd game.

I’m not the biggest gamer, so i know there are a lot of other examples out there I could use, but I don’t know a lot of games out there. But the point is that games that let you, the player, dictate how the story goes; it makes for a better gaming experience.

This is going to be a trend in the future of gaming, because games like this break records in sales. Obviously games like “Call of Duty” sell huge, but most players get it for the online play. I wrote an article about how Madden 13 disappointed me, because it took away franchise mode so the game was mostly an online game.             Online play is obviously huge and the future of video-games, but they still have to remember the offline story modes.

Joe Reyes


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