Just Traded Away A Championship

The Thunder had an impressive run last season. They lost in the end to Miami, but I was predicting the Thunder to win it all this season. What happened a few days ago changed my mind. The Thunder had a great core group. Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka and Harden, All stars in my mind.

They just traded 6th man of the year James Harden to the Rockets. They traded a championship away with Harden leaving. Harden was their entire bench production. He was the spark that any team can ask for. In the finals he dropped down in production, but I would still keep him.

Harden asked for a max deal of 4 years 60 million dollars. The Thunder offered him 4 years 55.5 million dollars. He didn’t take it, so they traded him just like that. The Rockets did a great thing for the Thunder in the long run. They gave the Thunder draft picks, 3 of them. Since the Rockets will most likely suck, the picks will be high and they Thunder also got a pick from the Bobcats so that should also be high.

The Thunder now have a few 1st round picks and got Kevin Martin in the trade. The future is good for them, but I thought they had a chance to win it all this season. The Lakers are the clear favorite in the West.

Joe Reyes



4 thoughts on “Just Traded Away A Championship

  1. Definitely agree. The West is for the Lakers to win and get the Finals!


  2. Nice post. Yea, I can see people thinking that OKC took a step backward, but I think the addition of Martin and Lamb with the 3 picks still have the Thunder in the running now and years down the line. Gonna throw a vid on YouTube about the trade today, check it out the channel when you get a chance.

    Take care and thanks for the reply.


  3. shivusharma says:

    Thanks for reading my post on the James Harden Trade

    Glad you agree that the Lakers are #1 in the West now. This season just got even more interesting.


  4. Reggie says:

    Dead on. I had the Lakers winning the West anyway but the Thunder just made it much easier. The future is very promising for the Thunder, but they won’t win right now, for about the next 2 years. LA vs Miami.


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