Why Show Me What I Don’t Want To See?

Years ago I thought it would be cool to have Star Wars in TV show form. To have weekly episodes of Jedi fighting Sith Lord. Cartoon Network created The Clone Wars animated show. It’s cool, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not what I want to see.

After the 3rd new Star Wars movie, I wanted to see what happened after Anakin turned to Darth Vader. Honestly, who cares what happened during the Clone Wars? Yea, it’s cool and all, but we know what happens. There isn’t anything shocking happening. The only shocking thing is that they brought Darth Maul back, which was awesome, but you can tell the only reason he’s there is to spice up the storyline.

What I and probably most Star Wars fans want to see if what happens right after the 3rd movie. We want to see Vader take apart the galaxy for years. We want to see Obi Wan hiding and running from the Empire. Jedi being hunted and the birth of the Rebellion. A lot happened from when Luke was born and when the 1st movie started. Years of fighting and war. Much more than the little time that passed between the Clone Wars and the other movie.

It most likely won’t happen, but it would be a great idea.

Joe Reyes



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