I’m Back!

I apologize for not posting anything new in a while or for returning any of your comments. I live in New Jersey and you probably know there was a massive hurricane that hit the area. My house was fine, but many other people I know didn’t fare so well. Houses broken to shreds by trees, some burned to the ground in fires and 1 disgusting tale of how a river of human shit invaded some girl’s house.

I was out of power for weeks, but we made due. The gas still worked so we boiled pots of water to stream heat the house, it worked very well. In my many days in the dark, I got a lot done. I figured out the direction I wanted these sites to go.

Starting as soon as possible, I will be featuring video reviews and opinion pieces on a wide variety of topics. I will also include links to my Twitter page, as soon as I compile more Tweets. Also I will be making a You Tube channel, linking to the sites and other videos links.

Sadly I missed the 1,000 view mark on my first site (https://wellthatsdifferent.wordpress.com/) and the 200 view mark on the second site (http://wellthepointis.wordpress.com/). I would like to thank all the viewers and all the people following my sites. I appreciate your feedback more than you can imagine.

I hit a very bad slump in my life and writing is something that always makes me feel better. So again, I thank you all. I will continue to keep on posting articles that I hope you all enjoy. Please send in your comments and keep on reading!

Joe Reyes


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