V vs. Fallen Skies

The battle of the alien TV shows. Both have the same concept; we are invaded by an alien race bent on destroying us. Each show, even though they have the same concept, are both very different from each other.

V is about how the alien race is trying to be first earning our trust before destroying us. They try and pretend to befriend us. They share their knowledge of advanced medicine and technology to better our lives.

At first glance, they seem friendly. Their plan is of course to destroy us. It’s a very good and elaborate plan, but obviously not everyone believes their good hearted nature. There are resistance groups secretly fighting battles against the invaders.

Fallen Skies is more war based. The aliens come on in dropping bombs and we fight back. It’s simple, yet every episode, the resistance fighters try and solve problems with along fighting the aliens. Going to get medical supplies can lead to a 2 part action filled episode.

The show does a great job of keeping you entertained, while at the same time making you care about the storyline and characters. Since its all-out war, it takes a toll on some characters. You see children have to take up arms to defend their homeland.

The main difference with these 2 shows and what makes me choose sides in this argument, is the impact the resistance fighters make on the invaders. In V, nothing they resistance does effects the invaders. Every plan ends in failure. Even when they succeed, it still benefits the invaders.

When an alien base is destroyed, the public draws sympathy to the invaders because those who don’t know the whole story look at it as the invaders are targeted as a hate crime. Again, not everyone knows the V’s aliens plans.

Fallen Skies, they constantly disrupt the alien’s plans. Every episode they end up doing something big. Destroying an army, blowing up a tower, killing a general, everything they do impacts them in some way.

That is why I like Fallen Skies better than V. V is also canceled. The writers wrote themselves into a corner at the end of the season and the show’s ratings were also down.  Budget problems were also a problem.

Fallen Skies is a hit show. It will continue for years at the rate that it’s going. You can’t always predict where it’s going to go, but you can damn well predict it’s going to be a war. I think this spring; Fallen Skies is coming back for a new season. I hope you watch and enjoy.

Joe Reyes

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