Would I Want Derrick Rose?


I know he was the MVP 2 years ago. Yes, he is an All Star and will be for years to come. I’m not even talking after his knee injury in this article. I’m talking before his injury would I take him on my team. No, I don’t want Derrick Rose on my team.

“WHAT! Your crazy” most people would say, but I’ll tell you why I don’t want him. He shoots entirely too much. He makes these crazy moves to the basket and that’s what killed his knee last season. Yes, he’s a good player, not debating that. But I don’t want my Point Guard taking that many shots.

I want a prototypical Point Guard. A guy to get other players involved. Lead the offense is what his main job is. Rondo, Chris Paul, Steve Nash are the type of guy I’m talking about. Steve Nash was a 2 time MVP, he didn’t take all the shots. He got everyone involved.

Rose has to play good for that team to win. If Rose sucks that night then they lose. I don’t want a Shoot First guard. I want a Pass First Guard. You got to distribute the ball to win. He can easily be a 11 assist a night guard. They got guys who are open.

When the ball is in Rose’s hand, you know he’s going to shoot. He’s starting to be like Russell Westbrook, except Westbrook is a better scorer. Rose chucks up a lot of shots. A lot are misses. He sometimes shoots himself out of a game, especially when he does that crazy jump step pull-up move.

Rose is going to be a Star for his whole career I’m predicting. But not a champion. Nobody, not even Michael Jordan, won a championship all by themselves.

Joe Reyes


5 thoughts on “Would I Want Derrick Rose?

  1. Luke Duffy says:

    Hi, Luke here, owner of Hoops and Helmets, yeah I like the piece a lot man, interesting take on Rose, I’d never kind of looked at it that way before, I do believe he has time and the ability to change his game the way all the greats have done though!


    • joereyes3 says:

      Thanks for the comment. A big reason why Rose has to take all the shots, is because there isn’t anyone else there to get it done. He needs a number 2 scorer who can take big shots. Without that, the Bulls wont be anything other than a good regular season team. Again thanks for viewing and stop on by again.


  2. Michael D says:

    That’s nice! I never thought of it that way as well! Should bills look at getting a number 2 scorer?


    • joereyes3 says:

      They need one. You can’t name a single team that one it all with just one player. Jordan had Pippen, Kobe had Shaq, Duncan had Robinson. They need a number 2 option and now they dont have anyone to fill that void. I dont think they get that player in the next year or two either. I think they will just keep grabbing players like Boozer and Noah, not bad players, but you wont see a 30 point night from Boozer or Noah. Honestly looking at the team now I think their next best scorer is Nate Robinson.


      • Michael D says:

        And when Nate Robinson is second best scorer that’s not the best thing!

        I would look to trade deng and boozer.
        There not going to win a championship with that team,
        Need at least 2 stars
        Why not chuck rose at 2
        And develop marquis Teague
        Rose is young so they can still get scorers in the draft!


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