You Dumb $@#^!

This story just annoys the Hell out of me. This is why I question the intelligence of professional athletes. Jason Babin, All Pro Defensive end last year, has about 36 sacks in 3 years, got released by the Eagles.

Babin now has the chance to go on ANY team he wants. ANY team could use him. Where does Babin sign with? The #^^&ing Jaguars! The 2-9 Jaguars! What the Hell were you thinking Babin? He just got out of the mess in Philadelphia and now chose to sign with an even worse team.

Yes, I know he will be a free agent next season. So it’s only 5 games he will be a Jaguar. But why not sign with a playoff team? A Superbowl contending team? These are all the teams I thought he would’ve signed with first before the Jaguars

The Patriots, Ravens, Texans, Jets, Steelers, Falcons, Broncos, 49ers, Giants, Cowboys, Lions, Vikings, Seahawks, Bucks, Packers and Bears are just 16 teams offhand that I would’ve thought he’d go to.

Hopefully after this season he will actually join an actual team and maybe compete for a championship.

Joe Reyes

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