A Very Different Chad

I just watched Chad Johnson as a guest on ESPN’s First Take. I had a very bad feeling watching Chad. He was a completely different man. Not the Chad that I always loved watching. A humble man, a man who knows the errors in his life and wants to make amends for it.

For those of you who don’t know, Chad Johnson was one of the best receivers in the NFL for about 10 years. He was a self-promoter and everything he did he put online. He had a fight with his wife that completely turned his life upside down. He was cut from his team, the Dolphins, and no team picked him up.

There was no fight in Chad during the interview. Yes, in the aspect that he was defending his football skills, but no fight for future endeavors. His basic answer to the questions revolving if he would play again were, “We’ll wait and see”.

I wanted to see Chad say something like “Hell yes I’m going to play next season! I’m Chad Johnson!” I wanted to see that pride explode out of him. He had a rough year in New England, which surprised everyone. And the Dolphins cut him and again I was surprised nobody wanted him.

Chad has turned into a different man now. He is content in his life, knows he screwed up in the past, and just wants to live life now. That’s not the making of a man who wants to come back to the league. Yes, maybe he doesn’t want to come back or doesn’t really need football anymore, but after him seeing him defend himself, why wouldn’t he want to come back.

You don’t see a guy throw his numbers out there and career performances and then simply say something like, “If it doesn’t happen then I’m not upset”. I want to see Chad play next season. He is my second favorite receiver and even though you can say my opinion is biased, I think he can be a number 1 or number 2 receiver on any team in the league.

Good luck Chad

Joe Reyes






2 thoughts on “A Very Different Chad

  1. 2dopechicks says:

    great article…you’re absolutely right he was not the boisterous chad we love. He was very humble!


    • joereyes3 says:

      yes too humble in fact. there isn’t any fire to him anymore. he needs that passion back and i think its gone for good. the moral of the story, dont cheat haha. thanks for reading and commenting and do come back to see if i write anything else that sparks your interest.


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