Dexter Wrapping Itself Up In Plastic

After seeing how the previous season and how this season is going, I think the Showtime hit show Dexter is coming to an end. I would predict next season being the final season of the show. Before I go into why, let me explain the show first for those who don’t know it.

Dexter, is a show about a man who works for the police department, who is a serial killer. Dexter Morgan is a blood splatter detective with the Miami police department. By working with the police he is giving access to databases to find his next targets.

He doesn’t just kill anyone. He only kills killers. He is more of a vigilante than a psychopath. But still gets psychotic urges to kill, but like I said, only bad people. The whole show is predicated on the fact that Dexter does what he does without anyone knowing his secrets.

Last season, his sister who is his Lieutenant, sees Dexter in the act of killing one of his targets. Since she knows, it completely disrupts the shows chemistry.  The show is about him doing this stuff with nobody knowing.

Besides his sister, his girlfriend knows, whole he originally tried kill, but fell in love with her. Yes, he tried to kill her and they fell in love. She was a killer too. Love among the corpses I suppose. So right there 2 main characters know about his dark secret. 2 main, in the show every episode characters know about it.

Besides them, an ex-Lieutenant suspects Dexter is a killer and framed his murders on a cop who he killed. So, now besides the 2 characters knowing, Dexter also has a formal investigating trying to link him to murders.

So you see, it’s getting too much. His sister isn’t going to turn him in and his girlfriend isn’t either, but the ex-Lieutenant defiantly will try and follow this up. The only thing that can save this show is the ex-Lieutenant to die.

I love this show. It’s one of the most unique shows on T.V today and I don’t want it to end like this. But the way it’s progressing, a quick slit ending is the only outcome for this show. Check it out on Showtime at 9 on Sundays. A 5/5 I give this show also.

Joe Reyes

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