Why No Hulk Sequels

After the Avengers movie came out, there were rumors about other movies about the characters. There is Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and a Captain America 2 also coming out. No Hulk movie though? When they were casting the characters for The Avengers, Ed Norton wasn’t cast as the Hulk again. I read somewhere, not saying its 100% true, but Ed was upset that he wasn’t getting another Hulk movie. I heard he argued that Iron Man had a sequel, so why not him.

This is why. I don’t see the Hulks story interesting. Not that Hulk isn’t and interesting character, I’m saying he doesn’t have an interesting story away from the Avengers. Bruce Banner is mostly trying to stay hidden away from the world and trying to suppress the inner rage of the Hulk. So, a story about a secluded man isn’t going to break box office records.

You see Thor battling monsters and Gods. Iron Man is fighting all types of enemies. Everyone is after him. Captain America is a government weapon, so he’s always on missions. Bruce just wants to be left alone. He doesn’t want to be a hero and save the world, he’ll do the right thing when asked, but he’s not putting himself out there like Iron Man to fight battles.

I love Hulk, but his story alone isn’t going to sell big. He needs those others heroes to create conflict. I can’t wait until he is back with the Avengers, but until then, let him be.

Joe Reyes

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