Poor Theon

Last season on Game Of Thrones, Theon Greyjoy betrayed his adopted family for his birth family. He took over his adopted father’s one proud castle and even tried to kill his brother and king of the castle. Theon’s men betrayed him when Robb Stark’s armies surrounded the castle and delivered him to the army. Serves him right.

What I am wondering is what the show will do with Theon as a character. The show does cut out certain main characters for episodes. Now since the show is based on the book and SPOILER Theon doesn’t die, he is imprisoned and tortured.

I wonder if the show will simply just cut him out of the show until he is shown in the corresponding chapters with the book. Or maybe give Theon his own story while he is imprisoned. The show is constantly bouncing around from character to character, so giving him some face time in prison isn’t ridiculous.

I kind of hope they keep Theon as a character in the show. He was a good character and you know his real father will certainly take the news of his capture with war retaliation. I didn’t read the book, so I don’t know, all I know is that small part about him being imprisoned that I read online.

Check out Game Of Thrones when it epically returns in March and read on some more because I will be discussing this show greatly until then.

Joe Reyes

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