The Laker D

What I don’t understand is why the Lakers aren’t playing good defense? It utterly baffles me. Mike D’antoni doesn’t coach defense…so. You have a lineup of Kobe Bryant, one of the best on ball defenders in the league. Even though he is up there in age, he is still a great on ball defender.

The same goes for Ron Artest (I refuse to even look up how to spell his changed name), one of the best defending forwards in the game today. We have Dwight, multiple Defense Player of the Year. These 3 dudes should be able to lock down most teams.

Something is wrong in Laker land. Nobody is playing good defense. The 3 players I names don’t need to be coached defense. Kobe and Ron just play on their man and Howard just has to cover the paint. Now Howard is looking terrible out there. Players are just dribbling past him and scoring. They don’t even need to come up with trick plays, just take it right into him.

Too much blame is put on the coach. He doesn’t teach defense? How hard is it for a player to know how to contest shots. You don’t have to run super plays, just man up to them. That’s what the Lakers aren’t doing. They are just getting blown out of games because players aren’t playing good defense.

After last year’s finals, I predicted the Thunder to take the West, after the Harden trade I then thought the Lakers would be able to take it, but seeing how they are playing now I have no idea who will be the Western Conference Champions. Maybe….the Clippers.

Joe Reyes

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