Fire Rex!


After the horrible season by the Jets, I see no other option than to fire head coach Rex Ryan. The way he handled the Quarterback situation and handling his team this season, there’s no way they can keep him on.

You started off with getting Tim Tebow, a controversy in name alone. You have Mark Sanchez, who is playing terrible. Any other team would’ve made a Quarterback change, but not the Jets. They wanted to stick to their guns and say that Mark was their guy. They even gave him a contract that they are now regretting right now.

They will be, I think, 17 million down if they cut Sanchez. And nobody wants to take on his 8 million dollar contract. He is in a terrible state now because after the season went for him I doubt someone will want him.

The average fan knows more about what to do with the Jets than the actual Jets organization. You’re a running team, so why pass constantly. Mark has problems, so why hang him out to dry. You need receivers, why not draft some good ones or pick up good free agents. If the Giants found Victor Cruz as an undrafted free agent, why can’t the Jets? Arian Foster was an undrafted free agent also, why can’t the Jets find someone great?

The whole team is a complete joke. We saw nothing from Tim Tebow, not because he was playing bad, because we never saw him. He played a total of 70 plays all season. That’s around the number that one player plays in a game. We never saw anything from him because he was never inserted into the game plan. Then why get him? questions go on and on about this team.

This is how you save the Jets. REBUILD.

  1. Fire Rex Ryan and get a better coach, not hard to find.
  2. Either bench Mark permanently or cut him. Then grab another quarterback off free agency or trade for one: Matt Moore, David Garrard, Colt McCoy, Brady Quinn, Matt Cassel, Mike Vick, Alex Smith, any of these would be better than what they got now.
  3. RUN THE BALL! You got a great offensive line that can push the pile. I never believed on Shone Greene, but I’d rather him run 30 times than have Mark pass 30 times.
  4. Get more running backs. Run the ball with a few guys.


That’s all you need to do to be an actual team again. Will they do any of those…NO! They’re the damn Jets and they’re idiots, that’s why they’re in this position. Maybe even get this guy back.

Joe Reyes

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