Era Of The Badass

I wrote an article a little while ago talking about how I didn’t like the plans of Bane from Batman and Silva from Skyfall. But the thing is there is a trend happening in the movie business where the bad guy is a super-smarter than everyone else, ultra-badass. And Iron Man 3 and Star Trek 2 are going along with the fad.

In Iron Man 3, the Mandarin is the bad guy. He brings an organization that is smart and deadly. I don’t know if he will be magic based, like his Marvel comics character, or his powers will be technologically based. The other 2 Iron Man villains were technologically based; this made them more believable characters. From the trailer, he looks to be the deadliest person Iron Man has ever faced.

In Star Trek: Into Darkness we are shown KHAN!!! He looks even more badass than the Mandarin. We are shown building exploding everywhere, space crafts falling out of the sky. And he also sounds like he is a man who enjoys watching his victims squirm before he finished them. I think he will push Kirk to his limits in this movie.

Both movie look great, but I hope their master plans don’t resemble Bane and Silva’s. Plans that involve flat out suicide to achieve their goals. Not dying in a blaze a glory, killing themselves to support a petty grudge.

Joe Reyes

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4 thoughts on “Era Of The Badass

  1. braxton29 says:

    I’m not really into Star Trek to begin with but the villain for “Star Trek Into Darkness” isn’t Khan. I heard that Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is named John Harrison.


    • joereyes3 says:

      When i go on IMDB and other sites like that it says Khan (rumored) next to his name. maybe John Harrison becomes Khan or starts calling himself that at the end of the movie or something like that. And….not really into Star Trek? I didnt know those words can go in a sentence together haha just kidding with you. the trailer looks great and if your a sci fi fan i think youll enjoy it. Thanks again for reading and posting a comment and stop on by again to see if i write anything else you might enjoy


      • braxton29 says:

        I just find Star Trek a dead franchise. I saw no point into J.J. Abram’s decision to reboot it and honestly, I hated that movie because it was so predictable. I could tell every direction that movie would take before it made it, I wasn’t surprised by anything, the characters were shallow and the scene with Kirk offering assistance to Nero while he was being assisted into a black hole was the so ridiculous and pointless, I almost walked out of the theater. Why would anyone endanger himself, his crew and his ship to help his enemy and risk being pulled into a black hole?


      • joereyes3 says:

        ….how dare you haha just kidding. Yea i understand where your coming from. A lot was predictable and borderline crazy at times. Especially when they dropped Kirk on that ice planet. Was he supposed to just wait there or did they want him to die? The next one will be better. More action, a better plot and we will see more dept to the characters. Again, this is what i think will happen.


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