Would I Want Tebow?

Tim Tebow is being released soon, God willing, or traded after this season. The question is if I was an NFL GM would I want him as on my team let alone, as my starting quarterback. Yes, I would give him a contract and yes I want him as my starting quarterback.

He is a running quarterback, which I like. I would only have him throw short passes and the occasional deep ball, but mostly run option plays. I wouldn’t rely on him to win game like a Brady or Manning. He would create plays with his legs and throw defenses off their game.

He has a will to win and never give up, which is another great quality I want in my leader. I know he’s not a consistent passer and I know it’s not wise to have him try and throw all the time, but giving the right system he can be great.

I would be shocked that anyone would oppose taking Tebow based on what I just said. Again, if the system is good then he will excel. He needs a solid running back to help create plays. Jacksonville wants him badly. MJD and Tebow would be a great combination. The Chiefs would be a good fit too. I would say the Browns, but they put a lot of stock in Brandon Weedon.

He will play next season. The question is where???

Joe Reyes


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