The Bourne Legacy

This seemed more like a prequel than an actual chapter in the Bourne series. The story followed Aaron Cross, a member of same program that Jason Bourne (Matt Damon’s character in 3 Bourne movies) was a part of.

Since he is like Jason, Aaron has the similar ungraded physical qualities like enhanced endurance, strength, agility and intelligence. He is part of a military experiment to make super assassins and soldiers.

While this movie is happening, the 3rd Bourne movie was going on. So events from that movie are seen in this movie in real time. This plays a big part because the people who run the program are being indicted and the only option is to kill the program and all participants in it before it is revealed to the world. Aaron is in the middle of a test operation in the mountains when the order is giving.

The men part of the military experiment have to take a combination of 2 pills, blue and green, to have the enhanced abilities. When the order is giving to kill all operatives, the simplest idea is just to poison the pills that the operatives take. Since Aaron is in the mountains away from all of this and has to be killed immediately, the answer is to send an unmanned drone out there and blow him up. After Aaron outsmarts the drone, he finds out he is without the necessary pills and makes his way to find more. Beings super is a big thing for him.

This isn’t a movie about “revenge” and “justice”, this is a movie about Aaron trying to remain super. Which is strange because he, just like Jason, is a target constantly on the run. So why not fight back rather than just be on the run, awaiting an assassin to come find you?

I didn’t like the premise of this movie because it was mostly run, get pills, run and run. It’s never run, get inspired to fight back, fight assassins, run thinking you’re safe and then next movie. The other Bourne movies, Jason thinks he’s safe when he starts to run again.

His journey for pills gets him paired with a doctor of the program that is being targeted and they travel to the Philippians to where the pills are actually created. The plan is to get him permanently super, rather than taking a pill every few days.

There is action, but there could be so much more. This is what I found most disappointing about this movie. He does fight a few guards at once and spends some time running from the police on the roof tops, but that’s mostly it. He does fight another super-agent, but they mostly fight on bikes and there is never any one on one fighting between them. Aaron doesn’t even get to deliver the killing blow on him.

By reading this you must think I hated the movie. Actually it’s the opposite, I enjoyed it. Like I said before, it was a prequel to Aaron’s story. You have to look at it like it is a separate Bourne movie. My prediction of it, when I saw the first trailer, was that either Aaron was going to die or try to link up with Jason and fight the company together.

He lived in the end, but I don’t know about him finding Jason. The movie ended with him and the doctor sailing on a boat in open waters. Seems like they are just running away together, going as far away from the company as they could. Jason tried this at the end of the first movie and his girlfriend was killed in the second movie because she ran away with him. Maybe the doctor will have a similar faith in the next Bourne movie.

A 4/5 and a must see for Bourne fans. Like I said twice, it’s a prequel so you can’t have your expectations too high for this one.

Joe Reyes


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