Game Of Thrones Week

To start the New Year I am going to be putting out all my articles on the HBO show “Game Of Thrones”.  I was thinking about doing this closer to the start of the new season in March, but I’ll probably have more articles about the show leading up to it.

So fans of the show enjoy and those who never watched it before find a way to watch it. At first I never watched the show. After the entire season ended was when I started watching this show. I remember I watched the entire season in a day. I couldn’t stop watching it. It’s an intriguing show that anyone can find interesting. Every episode has so many storylines going on that it’s hard to be bored watching it. One scene you can be in the middle of the desert and the next high in the frozen mountains fighting barbarians.

You would think it’s hard to keep up, but since every story is vastly different, you’re never confused. I give the show a perfect 5/5 and a must see for fans of any genre because it covers almost every type of story.

Joe Reyes


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