Lack Of Bran

The one character that bores me on Game Of Thrones is Bran Stark. He is a cripple and a child, so there isn’t really much for him to do. He’s not a character that can change the flow of the show or really do much. So I think with season 3 they would have to give him some interesting plot lines.

He is that character that is just “there” and that’s it. The only problem is, since he’s a cripple it’s hard to give him interesting plots. He can’t walk and has to be carried around everywhere. So you can’t have him fight in battles and can’t escape if he is captured.

So if anything you have to link him up with other characters that can do something. Last season they gave him a barbarian woman who is his slave and a 7 foot halfwit that carries him around. Also he is accompanied by his even younger brother. It will be interesting to see where the group of 4 goes this upcoming season.

Joe Reyes



2 thoughts on “Lack Of Bran

  1. 42question says:

    I follow the book series and I have to say that I thought pretty much the same up until book 3 where this is a sudden change around (won’t say any more – too many spoilers). You obviously haven’t reached there yet but you’ll enjoy his bits more when you do.


    • joereyes3 says:

      thanks for viewing and commenting. yea i just finished the book and see what you mean. they had to give him something crazy like that, otherwise he was just going to be a very unimportant character. cant wait to see what they do with the upcoming series.


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