Reid To The Chiefs?

When I first heard this is was confused. Why would Andy Reid want to coach the Chiefs? Why would any coach want to coach a team who had the worst record in the league? Especially Andy Reid. I would’ve thought he would’ve went to a better team like the Bears or Chargers.

But then I thought about it. The Chiefs don’t have a bad roster. They one of the best Linebacker duos in the league, solid Cornerbacks and Safeties, a great running back, a good offensive line and decent receivers. Maybe a good coach is what this team really needs to propel itself to a playoff spot.

They do get the number 1 overall pick in the upcoming draft. That could be very interesting depending on who they choose to go with. I would think defense. I would go with Manti Te’o out of Notreo Dame. I like him a lot and I think he can be a huge piece to a defense. They can also go with Star Lotulelei out of Utah.

I wouldn’t go with a Quarterback. You can grab one from free agency. Geno Smith and Matt Barkley are the top quarterbacks coming out of the draft, but they are no Andrew Luck or RG3 or Russell Wilson. Free agency is where I’d go for a Quarterback or maybe just stick with Matt Cassel. Maybe he needs a good coach to propel him into a top 10 Quarterback. I think it could be.

In fact…I LOVE Andy Reid going to the Chiefs. I think he can really turn that organization around. If Lombardi can turn the Packers around into an elite team, then why can’t Andy Reid do that to the Chiefs? Anything’s possible, but time will tell. I can’t wait to see where this team goes next season.

Joe Reyes


7 thoughts on “Reid To The Chiefs?

  1. solidsid says:

    Agree with most of what you said….if deal isn’t done today or tomorrow at latest…then a fly in the ointment and whole thing unravels…

    But I think he will be signed and in town for mid afternoon pressed….. Just in time for


  2. TerraTman says:

    I liked your post. I am going to follow your blog. It was made official today. I think it would be interesting to see how Reid plays this.


    • joereyes3 says:

      its going to be a very interesting season with Reid as a Chief. Like i said i thought they were a coach away from something good. maybe even able to challenge Denver for division leader. in a few years Peyton will be gone. The Chargers and Raiders will still be bad so the Chiefs can take it. Thanks again for reading, following and commenting. Stop on by again to see if i write anything else you might enjoy.


  3. Writer Boy says:

    I agree with you all the way. It should be noted that Reid and Lombardi are different people. Heck, Lombardi has a trophy named after him.


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