Unleash Jamie

Jamie Lannister is my favorite character in the show. He is called “Kings Slayer” because he once stabbed a king in the back. The problem is he is perceived to be the best swords man in the lands. We only saw him fight once. After that he was captured and all of season 2 he was caged up until the end.

The season ended with him being transported to Kings Landing to be traded for a pair of children by the opposing army. I hope the 3rd season we see a lot more of Jamie. A lot more of him fighting and showing how good a swords man he is. I’m reading the 3rd book now and there are many scenes with him in it, but doesn’t look like he will be killing anything anytime soon.

In season 1 there is a conversation with Jamie and his father where his father says, “I need you to be the man to lead this family into the future. Not next year, not tomorrow, now!” I think Jamie will embrace his family name and start being the man his father and his family name needs.

Joe Reyes



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