Way Too Young

I don’t like how they casted the girl who plays Arya. I think they got a girl who is too young for what it looks like her story is progressing. I would think something would happen between her and Gendry, but since she is way too young I don’t think that anything will happen.

They gave her an assassin friend who helped her out. He invited her to come join the group which she is eventually going to do. A child assassin? I guess that could work. I’m not saying the actress is bad, I’m just saying I think they gave her a story that would be better for an older character.

So you can’t give her a love story and you can’t have her kill mass numbers of people. There’s not much else you can do with her. Obviously she does end up doing great things in the show. But the thing is, will it make sense? Will it look god to have a child do these things or will it just look stupid. Only time will tell.

Joe Reyes



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