Was That Why?

                When Ray Lewis announced he was retiring it was a sad day for the NFL. He is arguably the best middle linebacker in NFL history. He was the emotional leader that can lead men to do great things. The question is why retire now? I understand he played 17 years in the NFL. He is getting old, but his production hasn’t really changed. I read something about he wants to be there for his children.

                Those are good reasons, but I think his reason for retiring was greatly impacted on his injury this season. He had a torn tricep and it kept him out for a big portion of the season. Some even wondered if he was going to come back this season at all.

                I think if he had a 100% healthy season, that he wouldn’t have planned on retiring this season. He obviously has good reasons for doing it, but I think the injury greatly swayed his decision. It seemed like a combination of things.

                The NFL world will miss Ray Lewis, but they won’t forget the impact he had on it. I don’t think he will be without football for long. I heard about a broadcasting deal and I always pictured him as a coach. Not a head coach, but maybe a defensive coordinator or a linebacker’s coach.

Joe Reyes



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