I really didn’t want to watch it at first. I mostly wanted to just write a review about new show. I didn’t know…that I would be watching the first episode of one of the best shows on TV. Banshee is very unique show about an ex con impersonating a newly enacted sheriff in Banshee Pennsylvania.

Banshee is mostly a peaceful Amish community, but with a criminal underbelly. The town is mostly run by Kai Proctor, a once Amish man turned mob leader. Kai runs a meat packing plant and seems peaceful, but get on his bad side and he’ll knock your teeth out and then tell you to put them back in your mouth (an actual scene).

When the con is released from prison, he tries to find a woman from his old life, Carrie Hopewell. Obviously we aren’t told much, but she seems to be a reason why he was imprisoned or knew something about it. Carrie is married to a lawyer and has a rebel for a daughter, so something interesting will happen that will turn this simple family life upside down.

When the con enters Banshee, he quickly makes friends with a retire boxer, now bartender. Lucas Hood is sitting in the bar with the con and the bartender. Hood is the new sheriff, but starts in a few days. A few of Proctor’s men try to rob the bar and Hood is killed. The con and the bartender decide to bury Hood and the 2 gangsters instead of calling the police. Obviously the con would be arrested on suspicion alone, so hiding the body of someone nobody knew and 2 gangsters wasn’t too bad.

When they are burying them, Hood’s phone rings and the con answers it pretending to be Hood. Since nobody met Hood before, it’s easy for the con to claim he is him. The con has a friend that can get him fake papers, so the transformation is completed. Not really an outrageous idea actually.

The show has incredible potential. The only problem is see with it is that other characters storylines will intrude dulling down the action. Cinemax did a great job with the show Strike Back, making the storylines a part of the action and not as filler.

The Pilot episode gets a 4/5, but I think the show can be a top show on TV. Check it out on Cinemax on Fridays at 10pm.

Joe Reyes








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