The Hobbit

We all have our moments on this green Earth; some of us however have been giving more important task to embark on. We travel to another earth, middle earth, where a young hobbit stumbles onto his destiny, his important task. Though the movie has received mixed reviews, I for one will be giving it a good review. Being a huge fan, not only of the storyline, but the actual world itself, The Hobbit makes its mark and tells the tale nicely.

Peter Jackson, who did the Lord of the Rings trilogy, was given such high marks for his accomplishment of bringing middle earth to life. Some things were changed or left out of the movies that the books cover, but it happens all the time in book to movie transitioning. My question is why the mixed or negative votes against the Hobbit?

In the movie, we start off with the coverage of what happened to Erebor the last great kingdom of the dwarves who dwell in the Lonely mountain as well on Bilbo Baggins birthday celebration, where if you have seen the Lord of the Rings movie, is where Bilbo leaves the Shire. This makes for a good beginning to the movie, in my eyes that is. As the movie progresses we see Bilbo grow, with respect, that is how a movie is supposed to be, we as the audience are supposed to see growth in the characters.

Exactly what you see in this movie, not just from the main character of Bilbo, but from all characters, you see them grow either quicker than others in certain categories or just in size. The movies centering on the quest of this fellowship, is just amazing. Each character takes on a personal storyline as they all take on the major storyline.

I have read a lot of negative reviews, such as: “Do we really need this movie?” Or “Peter Jackson is stretching the storyline.” Now, to answer these questions, yes we really need this movie, because what would the Lord of the Rings be without the Hobbit? Tolkien spent 35 years putting this whole storyline and world together, none the less actually starting the whole creations of Orcs/Goblins/Dwarves/Elves etc. So he spent 35 years doing this, and yet Peter Jackson wants that same world to be brought to us, our attention and imagination. Some huge parts of the movie is tiny parts in the book. Jackson does this to make the story more captivating with our eyes and ears.

No, he is not stretching the storyline out either, he is covering as much as he can for us to understand and enjoy. To me the Hobbit is a must see as so will the 2nd and 3rd installment be too. One story to rule them all.

Dan Schmid


5 thoughts on “The Hobbit

    • joereyes3 says:

      I’m glad you thought so. I just didn’t want to give the movie away, at any given part, because it is all connected. Hopefully future reviews and or articles are more indepth and I can express further opinions.


  1. You’re more generous than I am, but I think you make fair points.


    • joereyes3 says:

      I’m happy to hear that my points are at least on solid ground. However, I would like to know more about your opinion and your thoughts on the movie itself. How would you rate it? How would you look at it, would you look at it as an individual movie or as a part of a movie series?


      • On a 1-10 scale I’d say personally it’s about a 7 because the old magic is there in the style of the film making and there are some great, watchable performances in it. As I say in my review, I would say this works best for people who really enjoy the LOTR films rather than those who love the book, because of the sidetracking that goes on, some of which, like the Rivendell section, I don’t think really quite works. There was a sense of epicness missing which hopefully will come in more once we get to the battle of the five armies. It has to be part of the movie series, because this can’t stand alone in the way Fellowship of the Ring can, it’s been watered down too much. I think the highlight was probably the scenes with Gollum, but the whole goblin section was pointless.


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