Why Make A Change?

The 49ers a few weeks ago make Colin Kaepernick the starter over Alex Smith. What’s weird was that they made a Quarterback change when they were ahead of everyone else. Alex was injured and Colin had a few great games.

Why make the change at all? Colin got playing time. He came in, ran some Wildcat and threw the ball. It wasn’t like this guy was on the bench doing nothing. If anything this would increase his playing time, but not make him a permanent starter for the season.

Alex was playing great. He was managing the game steadily and wasn’t making bad passes. The 49ers have a strong running game and don’t need Alex to win the games for them. The thing is you didn’t need to make this change. You can easily give Colin more playing time, but to just annex Alex like that didn’t make sense. I don’t think he’ll be there next season. Hopefully traded, but if I was him I wouldn’t want to be there anymore.

Joe Reyes


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